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Husband-&-Wife team, Daniel & Robin Cater create beautiful stoneware pottery in their Blue Ridge mountain studio.
Cater Pots are fired to cone 6 oxidation, so all
functional pottery is food, dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe.

Cater Pots mixes their own glazes and applies them to the bisqueware in attractive combinations by various means including dipping, brushing and spraying.


Robin uses the potters wheel to create mugs, bowls, vases and other useful forms.
Robin with potters wheel
Daniel's expertise is hand building. His background in woodworking and mechanical design gives him a wide vision for the forms he creates.
Daniel sculpting
Robin with pottery
Often she will alter her classic shapes to add
delightful elements of fun and surprise.
Daniel sculpting

Daniel's works vary from whimsical teapot designs to elaborate,
coil built sculptures.

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